Being Safe at Pride

While everyone coming along to Leeds Pride is there to unite and enjoy a fantastic day, we would really appreciate your co-operation regarding various safety matters.

Access to the Lower Briggate event space will be controlled by security check points. 

We will be operating full searches including bag checks and random searches will be in place so please only bring with you what you really need. This will really help us to carry out searches and bag checks quickly. You may have to queue to get into the Lower Briggate event space, especially after the parade but please be patient you will get in!

  • No alcohol is allowed into either of the event spaces but water and soft drinks in sealed plastic bottles, drinks for babies and young children and small amounts of food will be allowed. 
  • Dogs on leads are welcome but please be responsible for your pets!
  • If you're feeling unwell or hurt yourself, speak to the nearest steward or member of the security team.
  • If your child gets lost, please contact the nearest steward or member of the security team.
Safe Pridr.jpg