Project Light’s Storytelling Workshop

Project Light’s Storytelling Workshop is sponsored by Leeds Pride and will be hosted by Shipley Writers Circle founder Ahmer Bashir.

If you have ever wondered about writing about your Journey To Acceptance, or if you just want to learn more about storytelling and telling fiction, register your interest for a 4 hour fun filled session which attendees can choose their own art forms to explore and express their own experiences of hate crimes, and religious and cultural homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.  Attendees can storyboard, draw, paint, write poetry, practice oral narration, or write a short story at the Yorkshire Mesmac Centre, 22/23 Blayds Yard, Leeds LS1 4AD. 
Attendees will have a chance to give and receive feedback on their art at the end. 

There is no wrong way to tell your story, only learning new ways of telling it. Come and see how you can shine a light on intolerance. 
Project Light UK aims to raise awareness of cultural and religious homophobia to prevent harm. Project Light UK aims to highlight the suffering hidden in the community which we are all responsible for.

Let us work together to highlight the issues and minimise prejudice and the risks posed to LGBT individuals and their families.

Stories shine a light on intolerance. Storytellers make a better world.
Project Light UK is supported by Yorkshire Mesmac, Bradford College, Bradford LGBTQ Equity Partnership and the Naz and Matt Foundation. 
Refreshments will be provided.

Twitter: @ProjectLightUK
Email address for Project Light UK: 





    date and time

    Friday 5th August 2016, 1pm until 5pm


    Yorkshire MESMAC


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