“Give it a Go” session for the Yorkshire Trans Support Network

Age Range: All Ages

This is a “Give it a Go” session for the Yorkshire Trans Support Network

Contact Yorkshire Trans* support network for the information: ytsupportnetwork@live.com 

Yorkshire Trans Support Network (YTSN) is a new organisation working towards improved awareness, equality, support and resources for Trans people throughout Yorkshire. As an umbrella group, they assist Trans people, Trans support groups, service providers, employers and third-sector organisations to engage with each other. They want to see organisations across Yorkshire responding appropriately to the needs of the diverse Trans community. They believe that everyone – regardless of gender expression or identity – has the right to feel safe, and are committed to eliminating discrimination and harassment against Trans people.

It is a great opportunity to meet up with other Trans people and to make friends at our Yorkshire MESMAC meeting room where YTSN usually meet.

Trans Leeds is run by Trans members who kindly volunteer and will give a warm welcome to new visitors. If you would like further details or directions then please contact them as below:




date and time

Saturday 6th August 2016, 2pm until 5pm


Yorkshire MESMAC


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