Tips for a Safer Pride


"People should be assured that Pride is safer than ever, so please turn up and show your support. The terror attack at Pulse in Orlando has had an effect on the LGBT community around the world and their feeling of safety, but there is nothing to suggest that the threat is any higher than it was before this attack and the ideology that fuels such atrocities hates the idea of diverse society – so turn up and show them we are here and we are proud of who we are. 

The biggest risk at Leeds Pride is that people have a bit too much to drink a bit too quickly so please pace yourself – it is a very long day and if it is warm you will get drunk quicker. Also – as inviting as the river looks, it is a very dangerous place so please do not go for a dip to cool off!

We will have a large presence at Pride this year but that is not in relation to a threat to the event. Over the last couple of years officers have enjoyed it that much that they are volunteering to come work at the event to talk to people about hate crime reporting and our amazing career opportunities as well as have a bit of a laugh in photos with the public, and make sure everyone gets to enjoy Pride in a safe environment. 

You might see a few armed officers there (who are fully prepared for innuendo’s about the size of their weapons) but these officers are normally patrolling crowded places when they get the chance so don’t be concerned if you see them - go say hello"

 Inspector Ben Ryder – Chair West Yorkshire Police LGBT Network