Big Pink Dress to perform at Leeds Pride


Big Pink Dress to perform at Leeds Pride

Hi my name's Colin Burgin-Plews but I'm better known as Charity runner Big Pink Dress

4 years ago a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted to raise a few pounds for Breast Cancer Now.

At the time I worked at a nursing home and we had just done a show for the residents. We all had to pick out who we would be in the Stars in your eyes show.

I reached in the pot and picked out Diana Ross! Being a 6ft 6 ex forces rugby player not a look I tended to go for but i'm not shy.

So as the dress was pink I thought I'd run the Great North run in it to try and  raise £350 for the charity.

Four years later and 10s of thousands raised for Charity it's still going strong.

In this time I've experienced a small portion of name calling and Trolling  for me wearing the dresses, which I can only imagine is just a slight insight to what LGBT+ people must go through at times, which is one of the reasons I'm at Pride .

One other reason is in the late 1990s my wonderful cousin went through life basicly hiding his sexuality because of his strict Catholic upbringing.

Unfortunately my cousin passed away in 1999 due to complications of AIDS without ever being able to fully open up to the world . This breaks my heart .

To be able to Sing at LEEDS PRIDE means the world to me. To be able to show my support is something truly special and I can't Thank Leeds  Pride enough