DJ Katy to Play at Leeds Pride

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After smashing it at Sparkle Weekend DJ Katy to play Leeds Pride

DJ Katy has been in the industry for fifeteen years  from first mobile disco and teeth cutting in Walkabout clubs to a career in live sound working with Bands & DJ’s at festivals and clubs all over the country with the odd theatre tour thrown in. In-between things the decks have always been to hand and  DJ Katy still takes great pleasure in manipulating music of all genres, contouring it for the audience and providing a musical journey to remember.

Me? Well I am transgender but I’ve been purely Katy a long time and now my family’s growing up I’m nearing the end of my journey. Honestly it’s been the music, the people, the atmosphere of great nights that’s kept me going.

Why Do I Want to play Leeds Pride you ask?

I do what I do in everyday situations from club nights to weddings and I know the problems people in my position or other non-hetrosexual positions can face. Sometimes I have found it can be a struggle to carry on. Chances to play events like Leeds Pride  are cherished as if I can inspire people to do what makes them happy as this does for me I see it as a victory.

Never stop Listening & Dancing

DJ Katy. X