SuRie - The Sweetheart of Eurovision Fans in The UK Announces She Will Be Performing at Leeds Pride

 Photo credit: Christopher Bethell

 Photo credit: Christopher Bethell

SuRie - The Sweetheart of Eurovision Fans in the UK Announces she will be Performing at Leeds Pride


SuRie has become the overnight sweetheart of Eurovision fans in the UK and across the continent, having delivered what was considered to be an incredibly powerful performance of her song “Storm” in Lisbon.

After being interrupted on stage by an activist halfway through her song, SuRie, in true British form, took back the microphone and continued her passionate performance with a fierceness that belies her diminutive figure.


“Our Girl”, as the UK press are now calling her, might not have brought home the victory, but her performance has been noted as the high point of the evening by media and commentators alike, as well as by the 15000 strong audience who gave her one of just two standing ovations on the night.


“Storm” reached position 50 in the UK top 100, becoming the highest charting entry from the country in four years, and is still going strong with downloads and streams currently standing at 3.5 million.

Within two weeks after her return from Lisbon, SuRie dropped her new single “Taking It Over”, to great acclaim.


Reviews on her current “Eurovision Unplugged” tour:

“One of the best live music performances I've ever seen”C. Faulkner, The Nantwich News.

“A wicked sense of humour and, oh, what a voice!”R. Crawford, The Redditch Standard.

“The tears in my eyes were welling at the beauty of the delivery. The acoustic arrangement of Storm was sung with such emotion and intensity that it finished me off.”Chas Gill, The Bishop's Stortford Independent.